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  • Version:1.0.1
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  • Requirements :4.3 and up
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  • Support rooted device :Yes
  • A turn-based RPG offering six jobs including Knight, Lancer, Sorcerer, Hunter, Thief, and Warrior.

    The God of Time, Restia, was defeated by a magician named Nero. Her spirit was broken into pieces, scattered around the world.

    Asusena is a witch that guards Restia’s spirit. In order to collect all the pieces, she travels to different eras while at same time going after Nero.

オーディナル ストラータ【ドラマチックファンタジーRPG】
2018 Jan Week #2 New Year, New Games Starting with DC Unchained!
オーディナル ストラータ【ドラマチックファンタジーRPG】
Mobile RPG Ordinal Strata is ready for download
オーディナル ストラータ【ドラマチックファンタジーRPG】
Highly anticipated mobile RPG Ordinal Strata is coming tomorrow
オーディナル ストラータ【ドラマチックファンタジーRPG】
Upcoming mobile RPG Ordinal Strata reveals system
オーディナル ストラータ【ドラマチックファンタジーRPG】ORDINAL STRATAwill be installed on your device.Fuji Games, Inc.Download APK
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